Cha Eun Woo shows off his directing talents in True Beauty


The idol and actor showed a new facet in the series, Eun Woo surprised fans with his talent and curiosity

Cha Eun Woo conquered audiences with his acting and now experiments with other roles within the True Beauty set that provide him with new learnings as an actor director.

In addition to enjoying the K-Drama episodes , fans of the series continue to receive updates from the actors and some behind-the-scenes clips that let us know some details about the making of True Beauty and the chemistry between the cast members.

During the new episode that portrays the experiences on the set, we could see how some of the scenes that we recently saw on screen were made. Not only did we witness how the cast members prepare to convey the right emotions, but we also met a new side of Eun Woo on set.


When it came time to shoot in the classroom, the K-Drama lead went from standing in front of the camera to behind his, standing next to one of the cameramen and later, showing off his recording skills to others.

Eun Woo had the supervision of the staff members and received advice to carry out this activity, but in addition to taking the position of cameraman, he also released some comments and suggestions so that the performance of the actors was reflected correctly, showing his vision as a director. .

We also recently told you how Eun Woo prepared for the long-awaited kiss scene in True Beauty .


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