Cha Eun Woo Is The Best At Keeping Beauty Secrets


ASTRO members made their way into acting, and some Cha Eun Woo characters have something in common. Cha Eun Woo’s acting made him a K-drama star, but also an expert at keeping beauty secrets.

Each character in the doramas has their own essence and personality, leads us to know different stories, and also captivates us through their relationship with others in the series. That’s the case with the ASTRO member, who is now a popular actor that we see more and more frequently on screen.

Eun Woo has participated in romantic, youth, and even historical dramas, but some of his characters have qualities in common, and one that stands out is his considerate personality and his ability to keep beauty secrets.

We saw that through two K-dramas in particular, do you know what they are? We talk about True Beauty and My ID is Gangnam Beauty.


In My ID is Gangnam Beauty, Kyung Seok recognized his old classmate even though she had drastic plastic surgery, the girl wanted to stop being bullied and her college entrance was the perfect opportunity to turn her around. life. Although Eun Woo’s character found out about her secret he didn’t say anything and instead showed her a very important lesson.

In the case of True Beauty, we again meet a girl who does not trust her appearance and finds in makeup an outlet that allows her to lead a more comfortable life. Suho knows what her partner actually looks like, but doesn’t see the need to reveal it and gradually becomes someone she trusts.


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 Both roles of Cha Eun Woo have in common having kept the precious secret of the girls, but beyond that, they are characters that are not superficial and see beyond appearances, so they teach us that true beauty is not there. on the physical. In addition, they teach a lesson about love and respect for diversity, as well as how unnecessary the standards that evaluate a person’s look are.

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