CGI Super Mario movie set for 2022 release


A document from Nintendo itself also confirms that they have other additional projects underway for later.

The new Super Mario movie already has an estimated release date. This has been confirmed by those in Kyoto in a document that reviews the company’s policies and that has been published on the occasion of the following objectives for the end of the fiscal year, which will culminate in March 2021. In this way, the Japanese have revealed that the animation film of the plumber will be ready in 2022, although they have not specified a more specific date. What they have pointed out is that they have other audiovisual projects in mind that have not yet been announced.

“We have already embarked on multiple audiovisual expansion projects, we are pursuing new opportunities,” they say in the report. “As previously stated, the Super Mario movie is funded by Nintendo and Universal Pictures. We are actively involved in planning, development and production ”. According to Nintendo, the expansion does not have to be restricted to the movie format. The scale of the investments will “vary” depending on the type of project, but they will continue to invest in the future.

How the project was created

The film, developed by Illumination, has the approval of Shigeru Miyamoto himself. In an interview with Famitsu, Super Mario’s father recounted how he built his trust with the animation studio responsible for movies like Minions and Gru: “When we started our collaboration with Universal, I heard that Illumination CEO Chris Meledandri wanted to stay with me (he had also signed with Universal). I met him and we talked, ”reveals Miyamoto. The producer brought ideas that Miyamoto had shared in the past in the interview, all to show that the way of thinking and doing things “was the same.”

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It is not the first time that Super Mario has been released in theaters. The film from the eighties, very critical, has remained in the retina of many players. It may not have been a great movie, but it cannot be said that it did not become some kind of cult work, for better or for worse.


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