CES 2022 Will Be An Event With A Physical Participation

CES 2022 will be a physical activity. Because of the global coronavirus release, many events were deferred, canceled or moved to the virtual environment in 2020 and 2021. On the first days of each year, the US in Las Vegas city in Las Vegas has organized online in 2021. However, with 2022, the CES 2022 will be an activity with a physical participation.

The fair will be held between 5-8 January 2022. CES 2022 organizer CTA’s peak manager Gary Shapiro has been excited to be returned to Las Vegas, who has been returning to Las Vegas for over 40 years of ces.

The aim of having CES 2022 was a physical activity was on the table from the first day. In the US and in many countries, it is recorded in the process of vaccination in many countries, it brings this target much more realistic.

CES 2022 may not be the first major activity of the technology world. The 2021 Mobile World Congress (MWC 2021) is also planned to be carried out in the course of this year in June. However, the final decision on this will be given in the days ahead.



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