CES 2021: TCL invests in affordable 8K Smart TVs


During CES 2021, TCL brought several news about the Smart TVs Series 6 and XL Collection lines. The Chinese manufacturer also introduced the third generation of OD Zero mini-LED backlight technology.

The feature eliminates the space between the panel and the backlight, promoting better contrast and brightness in the images. The mini-leds grouped in thousands of zones allow better control over how bright or dark the different areas of the screen will be.

One of TCL’s main announcements is the new update for the Smart TVs Series 6. Now, the new models with Roku TV will support 8K resolution. In addition, there will be image upscalling with the AiPQ feature developed by the brand itself.

The promise is that 8K TVs will have more affordable prices than competitors and will serve a wider range of consumers. As experts risk, they can reach the market for less than $ 2,700 – about R $ 14,820.

The manufacturer said that Series 6 televisions with 4K technology will continue to be sold normally. Meanwhile, the official price for Smarts TVs 8K should be revealed later, when they are close to reaching stores.

Smarts 85 inch TVs

Another announcement from TCL is the new 85-inch Smart TVs in the XL Collection line. The brand highlights that it will launch three models of monitors with different technologies to promote a variety of prices.

For example, the Series 4 with Roku TV will be the most affordable device in the collection. Coming to the international market in the first quarter of this year, it will cost around US $ 1,599 (R $ 8,780).

Finally, TCL revealed that the other models in the line will be an 8K QLED TV and a 4K QLED TV with Roku TV. However, the figures will be revealed only close to launch.


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