CES 2021: RAZER, RGB LEDs demonstrate mask concept

RAZER drew attention at CES 2021 with the presentation of two conceptual projects that are part of the results of innovation research carried out by the company’s design and engineering teams.

Many of these projects are launched as commercial products or end up being used in other projects. The curious thing is that, this time, we have among them a product that is not even something currently marketed by any brand: a mask with RGB LEDs.

Since the start of the pandemic, Razer has been proactive in the fight against COVID-19, even adapting its factory facilities to produce certified masks and donating 1 million of them to healthcare professionals.

Project Hazel, which developed the most intelligent facial mask in the world, started as a natural evolution of this initiative, with an emphasis on hygiene and preparation against unexpected health risks – in addition to environmental issues regarding the disposal of these types of products.

With the same level of respiratory protection as N95 medical masks, the product features removable and replaceable active ventilators and Smart Pods that regulate airflow to promote optimal breathing.

They are also responsible for filtering bacteria, with up to 95% efficiency in retaining airborne particles and also offering high resistance to fluids.

With social interaction in mind, Project Hazel has a clear and transparent design that allows people to see the user’s facial expressions, which also helps hearing impaired people to lip-read.

Internal lights are automatically activated in the dark allowing even the user to communicate clearly in low light, and in addition, the masks feature the patented Razer VoiceAmp technology, which uses an emitted microphone and amplifier to enhance speech.

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