CES 2021: LG presents concept of transparent TV for beds


This Monday (11), LG presented a translucent OLED television that hides at the foot of the bed during CES 2021. The TV concept represents one of the appliance’s visions for the future and is far from reaching the shelves, but it shows the potential of current technology and how far it can go in a few years.

The presentation includes a television that rises from an object that resembles a headboard, idealized to be installed just in front of the feet. The 55-inch smart TV is composed of an OLED panel that achieves up to 40% transparency, which is significantly superior to other translucent LCD prototypes made up of only 10% translucency.

Following tradition, the prototype is designed to be a striking decorative item, drawing attention to the technology involved. LG’s transparent TV is parked on the mobile and can be fully or partially raised – in this case, for the display of specific information, such as time, weather, reading guide and more.

In descriptive comments, LG highlights that TV has a strong potential within the home, as its structure is also designed to generate mobility within the residence. When it comes to sound, there are still no details about speakers, but they would be integrated into the fixed part of the project.

The future in OLED

LG’s transparent TV for beds is yet another example of the brand’s expectation for the future. For years, the company has demonstrated various possibilities for OLED in everyday life – including in public environments -, considering the minimum thickness and low energy demand.

“Transparent OLED is a technology that maximizes the advantages of OLED and can be used in various places in everyday life, from stores, shopping malls, interior of autonomous vehicles, subways and airplanes”, commented Jong-sun Park, senior vice president, LG Display .

Furthermore, this is not even the company’s first transparent TV, since other models have been previously presented and have even been used in subways in China. However, unlike the others shown at conventions, the transparent smart TV model is a strong candidate for the market, since it makes up the line of prototypes with potential for sale and can, in fact, be sold within a few months or years.


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