CES 2021: Kingston anuncia dock Workflow Station


Despite CES 2021 being on its last day, yesterday (13) Kingston took advantage of the eve of farewell to carry out the officialization of a modular dock that allows the transfer of digital media to different sources, something essential for those who create content, take photos and other works that involve the constant handling of files.

The Workflow Station has an interesting design, as it has four slots to house Workflow SD Reader and Workflow microSD Reader, which can only be purchased separately. The transfer is performed by the fact that the reader is connected to the hub, allowing the reading of the memory cards, whether SD or microSD, to have the expected effect.

Still in the construction part, the readers have two slots for SD and microSD memory cards, as well as a USB-C cable. As already explained by the company, the mission of the dock is to improve the workflow, making the post-production process optimized.

One of the great advantages of this accessory is the fact that it has a high compatibility with versions of the Windows and MacOS operating systems, making the transfer settings easily customizable to the needs of each one, allowing to pass photos, videos and audio at high speed .

“It’s not just the versatility of the Workflow Station that will certainly help content creators, but also speed. Workflow Station products support incredible USB 3.2 speeds, which, along with Kingston’s high-performance memory cards and flash drives, drive the post-production process faster than ever, “said Carissa Blegen, product manager at Kingston.
Although it has not yet given information about price or availability, Kingston has already made it clear that Workflow Station will have as its main advantage two years of warranty with the brand, something that is highly positive for anyone who will invest in this product.


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