CES 2021: Electric bike promises to be the fastest


During participation in CES 2021, the Indian automaker Ather Energy presented the new electric scooter Ather 450X. According to the company, this is the fastest two-wheel vehicle in the 125-cylinder category.

According to the information, the small motorcycle can go from 0 to 40 km / h in an interval of 3.3 seconds. In addition, the model can reach a top speed of 80 km / h and uses a battery with autonomy to run up to 116 km on a single charge.

The excellent performance of the Ather 450X is related to the powerful 6 kW electric motor. With this, the brand intends to break the concept that scooters are vehicles valued only for utility, but that fail in performance.

Another highlight is the 7-inch digital LCD panel. In addition to showing information about the vehicle, it is possible to synchronize the cell phone’s GPS via the Bluetooth connection. Therefore, he avoids attaching the device to the handlebars.

Finally, the Ather 450X has the Reverse Assist feature. Like reversing a car, it allows the scooter to move backwards. That way, it makes it easier to park or get out of tighter spaces.

Premium Electric Scooter Model

The Ather 450X is touted as a premium model in India. In pre-sale for 159 thousand Indian rupees – about R $ 11,590 in the current conversion -, its value is practically double that of most electric scooters in the Asian country.

Ather Energy also offers a special charger model called the Ather Dot. Ready to be installed on the wall of garages and parking lots, the accessory guarantees an 80% charge in just 3 ½ hours.

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