CES 2020 Exhibited, $ 10K Player Keyboard


The XPG Summoner player keyboard, worth $ 10,000, is completely covered with 24 carat gold. Moreover, this keyboard has already been purchased by one person. The exact purpose of gold plating on a player’s keyboard is not exactly known.

CES events include new technologies, often from the world’s largest technology manufacturers. However, from time to time, some technology manufacturers prefer to bring interesting products to consumers instead of new technologies.

We even made a list on this topic and we talked to you about the 13 weirdest devices in the CES 2020 events. Now again, we present you with an interesting product that has its place in CES 2020 events.

Gold-plated player keyboard worth $ 10,000
To date, we have seen the gold-plated process of technological products on flagship smartphones. This time, however, a player’s keyboard was covered with 24 carat gold, and the product appeared, as you can see above. As a matter of fact, the normal version of this keyboard is nothing more than the “XPG Summoner” which has been on the market for some time. However, the company covered its keyboard with 24 carat gold to make it more impressive.

Covered in 24 carat gold, the keyboard doesn’t technically make any difference. In other words, gamers experience the same experience as the normal version of the XPG Summoner in the gold-plated version. So the only difference from the normal of this gold-plated keyboard is its design. In addition, this product has already been sold to a Saudi prince.


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