Certificates of Trademark Application of Pocophone F2


Pocophone, which has become a price / performance monster with the Poco F1, is preparing to introduce the second phone in the series, the Poco F2. The source of the allegations was the Poco F2 trademark application shared by a Twitter user.

Pocophone, which we know as a sub-brand of Xiaomi, succeeded in gaining a place in the hearts of the users with the Pocophone F1 phone introduced in 2018. Despite its reasonable price, the phone was launched with features that would challenge the most important devices of the era, thus becoming a series that smartphone lovers have been waiting for.

Fans of the phone firmly believed that the F2, Pocophone’s successor, would be introduced in 2019, and even asking questions about Poco F2 under any Xiaomi social media announcement had become a norm. The good news has come today for those who are eagerly waiting for the continuation of the series.

Poco F2, the successor of the flagship killer Poco F1, can be introduced in the coming months:
A Twitter user shared screenshots showing the trademark application for OC POCO F2 ından from his personal account. The shared footage shows that the application was filed with the Chinese Trademark Office on December 4, 2019 and has the application number ‘4280005.. This application proves the future of a phone that is expected to be the successor of Poco F1.

On the other hand, there is no information on when the Poco F2 will be released. However, considering that Poco F1 was launched two months after the trademark application, we can assume that the Poco F2 will arrive in February or March. This history also makes sense for the Indian market, as Xiaomi will not launch the Mi 10, which will be introduced in the coming months.

The Poco F1 was a very successful phone, offering flagship features at an affordable price. This device, which gives the meaning of price / performance, was introduced with the same processor as the Samsung Galaxy S9 and OnePlus 6T, the most powerful Android phones of the time. The most important difference that distinguishes the phone from the others is its price, which is considerably less than its competitors.


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