Certain Xbox Series X/S exclusives will come to Xbox One with xCloud


Xbox Series X: Microsoft recently released its vision of what we can expect from games in the future, and one of the company’s most important points was saying that it would like to bring games so that everyone can enjoy them regardless of platform or location. Luckily, we’re already starting to see some of the company’s first plans to make this a reality, as we should be seeing some Xbox Series X/S exclusive games on Xbox One soon.

Microsoft itself has confirmed in a post on Xbox Wire that it will use xCloud, the cloud gaming streaming service, to make the next-gen exclusive titles available on Xbox One. you’ll need to shell out extra money on a PC or Xbox Series X/S.

We still don’t know exactly which titles they intend to include in this scheme, as it will be quite unprecedented to see a company making some of their most anticipated games available on so many platforms. At best, we could even play Starfield or the new The Elder Scrolls on Xbox One this way, requiring only the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, of course.

Given that these games were pledged to the Game Pass library on launch day, it wouldn’t be very unlikely to see them available among titles streaming in the cloud with xCloud. As this service should work on browsers, smartphones, tablets, PCs and even televisions in the future, it’s not so strange to think of it on older consoles as well.

The way will be to wait and see what Microsoft prepares for its fans next. Have you ever been looking forward to playing next-gen titles on your Xbox One? Tell us in the comments below!