CEO of Nothing Accuses Giant Competitor Of Manipulating Market


Nothing’s CEO and former head of OnePlus, Carl Pei, posted a personal text on the manufacturer’s blog to celebrate some achievements of the still young company in its first year of existence.

According to the executive, the goals were achieved: the promotional video for the Ear wireless headphones (1) has passed one million views and, so far, 320,000 reservations have been made.

Of this total, 180,000 pairs of the model have already been shipped and the company is running out of time to meet all the demand. The idea is for a startup to sell 600,000 units of this first generation, which was presented in July 2021 after a marketing campaign that drew a lot of market attention for the proposal.

Obstacles on the way

In addition to thanking the 158 employees, investors and the entire community, Pei also took a stab at a giant rival who allegedly tried to jeopardize the brand’s access to key components of the manufacturing of the Ear headphones (1). He did not explain how much this limited production of the devices or detail whether the issue was resolved.

“To give some fun, we also had a big player attacking us in the supply chain by trying to block our access to important components. We should take that as a sign of respect,” he said, without naming names.