CEO of Bitcoin Exchange Donates $ 5 Million to Joe Biden


CEO of Bitcoin exchange FTX donated $ 5 million for Joe Biden. This donation from the CEO of the Bitcoin exchange, Sam Bankman-Fried, was the second largest donation to Biden.

The $ 5.2 million donation made by the CEO of the Hong Kong-based Bitcoin exchange to the Joe Biden campaign was spoken after Michael Bloomberg’s donation of $ 56 million. According to the Wall Street Journal report, Joe Biden has raised a total of $ 79.5 million from 100 CEOs.

The Wall Street Journal wrote about the donation made by Bankman-Fried:

“After Michael Bloomberg, the top donor to Joe Biden was Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of the Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange FTX. The CEO, who is relatively new to political spending, donated $ 5.2 million. ”

Trump and Biden race on FTX stock exchange

The FTX exchange announced that it would list Trump and Biden on its stock exchange and created a new contract. The contract consists of tokens (Trumpwin – Trumplose) that can be used upon Trump’s winning or losing the US presidential election. According to the statement, the tokens can be used on the exchange for a value between $ 1 and $ 0 depending on Trump’s election.


FTX has also created a futures contract for Biden. The contract called Biden 2020 is traded as a futures contract that will expire at $ 1 if Joe Biden wins the US presidential election and $ 0 if he fails. In the article shared by Cryptopotato on the subject, it was stated that Trump tokens on the FTX exchange have shown a fluctuating price movement in the last few days as president Trump’s favorite.

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While the final results of the US presidential election are still uncertain, what will happen in the Trump and Biden dispute on the FTX stock exchange remains a mystery.


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