Century: Age of Ashes, multiplayer game of dragons


The developer Playwing released on Tuesday a new gameplay trailer for Century: Age of Ashes, presenting the main features of the game that will be available in early access.

The dragon battle multiplayer will be released in free-to-play format on Steam and will remain in this mode both during the early access period and in its final version. However, before that the game will receive a second closed beta test, which is already open on the PC and is scheduled to take place between the 12th to the 21st of March.

As for the game system, Century will initially offer the choice of three distinct classes: Phantom, Marauder and Windguard. According to the studio, each will have their own peculiarities and progress tree, enabling skills such as invisibility, stealth attacks, shield creation and others. In addition, players will be able to play in three game modes, combining elements from random buffs, the last survivor and capture the flag in 3×3 and 6x6x6 matches.

Century: Age of Ashes will be released in April for PC via Steam.


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