Central Cee Concert in London: No Tricks, Just Thrills


Having exploded in the midst of a pandemic and become a chart-topping artist, Central Cee is now getting huge love. This is evident from Alexandra Palace’s welcome reserves for the rapper during the last stop of his “Still Loading” tour, his first global venture. “London, I’m home!” he announces to his noisy and enthusiastic audience.

Following the success of his first two mixtapes — “Wild West” in 2021 and its sequel “23”, which took first place in the charts in 2022 — his audience is eager to hear some of these songs live tonight. Mosh-pits often happen, and Kench is forced to suspend the introspective Wild West screensaver “6 out of 6” because of concern for fallen fans (“these are the pros and cons of being so illuminated,” he notes when everyone is delighted). safely got to their feet).

It is clear that Central Cee is extremely confident in its abilities: It’s a one-man show where he mostly wanders around the stage alone and often performs three-quarters of a beat before letting the crowd say the last words. The last feature of the performance is not laziness or arrogance, but, as he tells us later in the set, it’s simply because he “likes to listen to you repeat your lyrics to him a lot.” This is a luxury that artists like Sench can afford, who now has an internationally recognized arsenal of hits at his disposal.

But there are also special guests. A2 Anti from West London and rising European stars such as Rondodasosa and Baby Gang help at Eurovision, and at Lil Bro Kench invites his real younger brother Juke Caesar to perform the track together, facing each other.

It’s a tender moment that demonstrates Sencha’s vulnerability as he recreates a spoken studio version of the track with his younger brother and sister in front of an audience of thousands. When it’s over, the eponymous Lil Bro, maintaining his anonymity with a mask and sunglasses, tells us to “make some noise for my fucking brother,” while Central Cee smiles a sticky smile. It’s a touching thing.

One thing that is clear from today’s show is how much Kench loves his craft. Without big tricks or chasing the influence of special guests who could steal the show, the 24-year-old can stand tall as a solo artist in full control of his big event. By pressing the microphone to your heart as the show comes to an end, you can tell that Central Cee is not taking these important moments for granted.

Central Cee played:

‘Little Bit of This’
‘Straight Back to It’
‘Hate it or Luv It’
‘6 For 6’
‘Commitment Issues’
‘Overseas’ (D-Block Europe cover)
‘One up’
‘Lil Bro’
‘Retail Therapy’
‘Cold Shoulder’
‘LA Leakers Freestyle’
‘Obsessed With You’
‘Day in the Life’


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