Central Bank postpones PIX once again


For the second time, the Central Bank (BC) decided to postpone the implementation of the PIX Cobrança. In a normative instruction published in the Official Gazette this Monday (15th), the agency announced for May 14 the new date of the system that would come into force today.

Announced last year, the resource was originally scheduled to start operating in January this year. However, in December the BC decided to postpone the launch further because of technical problems.

The ability to generate documents with payments for future dates will make the modality used mainly by companies. The expectation is that adherence to the system will lead to a gradual decrease in the use of bank slips, just as the PIX caused falls in the use of DOCs and TEDs.

The PIX Cobrança, which is based on the QR Code system, can be used by retailers, suppliers, service providers and more sectors, both in online commerce and in physical establishments.

The Central Bank gave no justification for this second postponement. However, in the normative instruction it is explained that the participants of PIX Cobrança will be able to validate the QR Codes until April 30th. The decision indicates that not all market agents have validated the code yet, which may be one of the factors behind the new delay.