Central Bank Announces Banks With More Customer Complaints


Central Bank: As it does periodically, the Central Bank of Brazil (BCB) recently released its traditional Complaints Ranking, with the ten banking institutions with the most customer complaints. Restricted to the first half of this year, the “Top 10” features Banco Pan, founded by Silvio Santos and currently under the control of BTG Pactual, in first place.

The classification takes into account an index that measures the deadline and quality of responses submitted to complaints filed with financial institutions. In this sense, Banco Pan, with 245.28 points, is the absolute leader over the second place, from Minas Gerais, Banco Inter, with 129.26. Next comes CEF with 36.20, Santander with 31.38 and Bradesco with 22.78. See the complete list.

The most frequent complaints

To guide consumers, the BC also publishes a list of the most frequent complaints by subject. In the first quarter of 2021, there were 6,798 complaints about inadequate offer or provision of information on payroll-deductible loans.

In the same period, there were 3,226 irregularities related to the integrity, security or legitimacy of services related to credit operations and 2,248 irregularities related to operations and services made available through internet banking.

What do the banks say?

To inform the actions taken after having their names included in the BC’s list of complaints, banks must provide generic descriptions. Banco Pan says it invests in the modernization of services and customer service. Banco Inter claims that it invests in personnel and technology to improve customer satisfaction.

Caixa Econômica informed in a note that “it carries out continuous improvement actions with the objective of guaranteeing the satisfaction of its customers and reducing complaints”. Santander says the same thing, and Bradesco guarantees that it has invested in worker training.

Amidst this sea of ​​clichés, it remains for the consumer to be aware and, in case of a complaint, first seek the SAC of the bank providing the service. If the demand is not resolved, he can seek consumer protection agencies and also file a complaint with the Central Bank.


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