Censorship to the Name That Says Bitcoin Will Shine!


Bitcoin content producer Davinci Jeremie’s YouTube account has been permanently deleted, including all subscriptions.

YouTube permanently banned the account of Bitcoin content producer Davinci Jeremie. The decision is a continuation of the strained relationship between YouTube and the crypto community. Youtube had previously removed many videos and suspended the accounts of important names in the cryptocurrency community.

YouTube Made It a Habit
Jeremie posted his decision against YouTube on Twitter, hoping to get his account back. Davinci Jeremie, a popular Bitcoin publisher with 82,000 followers on YouTube, was permanently banned on the platform yesterday.

YouTube has made it a habit in the past to ban Bitcoin-related content on its platform. YouTube has previously revealed that these are due to algorithm errors, but repeated bans from cryptocurrency phenomena and content creators have led to claims that the video sharing platform is anti-cryptocurrency. Jeremie himself had already been hit by YouTube attacks before, but this time the damage will be permanent. Jeremie tweeted about the issue using the following statements:

“Oh my God, my YouTube channel has been permanently deleted! This is not just a strike! ”

The decision has already caught the attention of the wider cryptocurrency community. Earlier today, YouTuber Sunny Decree, famous for its cryptocurrency content, posted a video discussing Jeremie’s permanent ban. “I’m trying to support him with this episode,” Decree said.

Since the ban, Jeremie has tried to appeal YouTube’s decision, despite its failure. The response from YouTube was: “We’ve decided to suspend your account in accordance with our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.” “I hit your head with the instructions and I don’t show how you violated them because I didn’t want to be sued,” said Jeremie, who was clearly dissatisfied with the email.

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YouTube posted a response to Jeremie’s tweet via @TeamYouTube. They said that if the decision was finally approved, they would do their best to provide him with more information. Those who produce video content on crypto money may consider using other video platforms. These platforms can take advantage of the cryptocurrency community’s strained relationship with YouTube.


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