Cemal Can became the champion!


Cemal Can Cansever became the 2020 champion in Survivor!

Cemal Can Cansever, one of Survivor’s most spoken names, drew attention with his dedication to the competitions. Survivor approached the final and became the champion with the highest number of votes this evening.


Cemal Can Canseven was born on May 25, 1995 in Izmir. Cemal Can Canseven, whose mother is Rizeli and her father is a Thessaloniki immigrant, is studying in the Advertising Design and Communication department of Yeditepe University in Istanbul. The University started to study in 2013.

After completing his education in high school in Izmir, Cemal Can started to study the Advertising Design and Communication department of Yeditepe University and on this occasion settled in Istanbul, and upon his recommendation of his friend, he started his education at the DJ Academy in Istanbul.

Canseven knows Damla Bilic, from whom she shot videos, from her university years. Canseven, who is now a DJ, was not seen in any TV program before the Survivor competition.

Cemal Can CanSeven, who came to the stage in Holifest 2019 in İzmir as a DJ, is a very loved and followed DJ. At the same time, Cemal Can CanSeven, who does not remove any sports from his life, is a very good runner and swimmer.

Cemal Can Canseven currently has 1.2 million followers on Instagram.


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