Celtics Excited About Hayward: “Old Gordon Is Back!”


Celtics Excited About Hayward: “Old Gordon Is Back!”

The Boston Celtics were very hopeful for transferring Gordon Hayward in the summer of 2017, but an unfortunate incident has frustrated these hopes so far.

Green jersey in the first match was very sadly injured star player, missed the entire first season. Returning in season 2, Hayward looked far from his old self and became one of the disappointments of the bad last season for the Celtics.

Still, before the 3rd season, the Celtics still haven’t given up on him!

“Old Gordon is back, Danny Ainge, the general manager who spoke about Hayward, made an ambitious statement. Inge Gordon is a great basketball player, says Ainge. He can play thinking, pass, shoot, create, defend and rebound. A complete player. We need these features of him..