Cell phones produced in Brazil will have FM radio activated


The minister of communications, Fábio Faria, said last week that all cell phones produced in Brazil will come with factory-activated FM radio. Despite the statement, he gave no details on how the measure will be implemented.

We’re doing the radio on the cell. For every phone manufactured in Brazil, the radio comes for free without having to install it via WiFi or data plan – he said at an event promoted by the Tribuna de Comunicação e Fecomércio.
Currently, the main manufacturers operating in the smartphone market in Brazil are not required to activate the FM radio chip in their devices. Even so, the vast majority of basic and intermediate devices have the feature.

When it comes to flagships and some other cell phones, the situation is a little different. Therefore, there is Bill 8,438 / 2017, which is being processed in the Chamber of Deputies. According to the text, the main manufacturers are obliged to activate the FM radio from the factory, without the need for an internet connection.

However, the process has been stopped since December 2019 at the Constitution and Justice and Citizenship Commission. According to the author of the project, federal deputy Sandro Alex (PSD-PR), 97% of the devices produced in the world are equipped with an internal receiver for FM transmissions.

Even so, only 34% of smartphones have the FM radio app enabled. The Brazilian Association of the Electrical and Electronic Industry (Abinee) claims that the PL violates the principle of free enterprise. In addition, the law would hinder the arrival of imported cell phones.


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