Cell phone sales rose just 3% in 2020, says study


The smartphone market has always been quite heated around the world, but apparently the pandemic ended up stirring up a little in that market. In addition to some changes in the launch schedule for some models, a study released by Cuponation revealed that segment sales had little significant growth in 2020.

The survey points out that, this year, there was an increase of only 3% in the number of sales. While in 2019 we had around 1.54 billion devices sold, this year this number was approximately 1.57 billion devices sold.

When comparing the end of decades, we have a slightly more significant survey: between 2010 and 2020, we had an increase of almost 410% in the number of devices sold, whether Android or iOS, around the globe.

It is worth mentioning that, currently, the number of smartphone users is around 3.5 billion people, and that number still tends to grow a little more until the end of the year – and a lot of that due to specific promotional actions, like Black Friday or even Cyber ​​Monday, when many take the opportunity to exchange their devices for newer and better ones paying a lower price.

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