Cell phone with battery: know what it means and what to do


Puffed battery is one of the problems that can affect the functioning of the cell phone. The swelling can usually be noticed visually, which can scare users. When the component is damaged, the smartphone is likely to experience sudden shutdown or poor performance.

Some situations may indicate that the cell phone has a full battery. The appearance of a white spot on the screen usually caused by pressure on the display from the inside out may be indicative. The phone may also have a slight separation between the display and the body. Another indication is the subtle movement of the screen when pressing it. In atypical cases, the device may even have a bad smell.

Why is the cell phone battery greenhouse?
Factors such as low quality power supply, using the cell phone during the recharging period, excessive external heat, or factory defect can lead to the battery becoming full, which generates damage to the cell phone and may even cause accidents.

Smartphone batteries are made from lithium ions, or Li-Ion, in chemical representation. Such composition allows to store more energy and useful life compared to those used previously, such as those of nickel metal hydride, Ni-MH. These batteries carry in the array a set of extremely volatile chemicals and metals, separated by super thin and non-conductive layers.

Lithium is also one of the lightest metals. The element is pressed and stored in the coils that will give rise to the battery cells. In order to actually store and supply energy to the cell phone, a chemical reaction involving Li-Ion must occur.

Battery cells can have different shapes, but the rectangular and flattened components are those that appear in cell phones. Unlike cylindrical batteries, these are less resistant to shielding, therefore, more vulnerable to pressures caused by overheating.

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In short, the phenomenon is the result of a process that occurs when Li-Ion comes into contact with oxygen, reacting in a way to oxidize lithium. According to the specialized portal Battery University, oxidation causes the expansion of battery components, which forces the component walls to expand. For this reason, the user can perceive the battery’s fullness.

What to do
When faced with a full battery, the user must replace it immediately. The procedure is also recommended for components that have milder signs of stuffing. The recommendation is to turn off the phone, if possible put it in a fireproof container and take the smartphone to technical assistance as soon as possible.

It is extremely important to replace the part with another original, in addition to recharging only with chargers of the brand itself. The disposal of this material must be done in the correct place, as it can present risks when it is thrown away as common garbage.

To prevent extreme cases, the ideal is that the user prevents the cell phone from heating up. At the first sign of overheating, even out of the outlet, it is recommended to turn the phone off until it cools down naturally and completely. Other measures that should be considered are: check if the charger used is the ideal model for the smartphone, in addition to consulting the correct voltage and amperage to carry out a safe charge.


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