Celia Lora left her charms on the air with Playboy


The famous Mexican model, Celia Lora, modeled using a Playboy jacket and did so leaving her charms in the air

The beautiful Mexican model, Celia Lora, has become one of the most liked and attended women on the internet in recent months, because thanks to the confinement we went through, she had enough time to create content.

This time the young woman did not have to do much to make the center of attention, appearing on her official Instagram account wearing a Playboy brand jacket, the world’s number 1 adult magazine with whom she has previously worked.

The charms of Celia Lora were on the air so her fans were very happy to be able to observe her in this naughty way, always seeking to pamper them to the maximum and help Internet users to have a more enjoyable day and with something beautiful to see.

The daughter of Alex Lora del Tri, knows the need that your followers have to obtain new content continuously, as it has become a style of relationship that they have with each other, she creates and they consume.

For this reason the young woman has sought to take photos every day, always looking for the best angle and the best outfits inside her house, since as we know and due to the global contingency she has had to stay for a long time taking care of herself to avoid c0ntages, giving a excellent example.

Apart from her incredible snapshots, Celia Lora has also participated in the creation of various programs in fact just before this whole situation around v1rus began, the Mexican was recording the chapters of Acapulco Shore, where she was in charge of giving it her touch and her own flavor by performing intrepid actions that only she could perform, which is why it ended up being a trend on several specific occasions the time she got into the pool, shedding all her clothes and being observed by everyone in the house.

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Due to such popularity, he also managed to get her own weekly show on MTV, called “El consultorio del amor con Celia Lora”, where we can send you some experiences and even questions for you to answer and always take the opportunity to have a good time to tell us about your experiences, which have turned out to be quite funny and unexpected.

She always ends up telling us something that surprises us even more, because being an intrepid girl she has had the opportunity to live experiences that not many would dare, all thanks to the fact that she is not afraid of anything and is always in search of an adventure, so which ends with following her.

Apart from all this great content, he also created a YouTube channel, that’s when he began to tell us about her experience in quarantine and where every week he created a new topic to keep a record and thus be providing excellent entertainment to all those who they love to see her, injecting her with great charisma which is what keeps most of her fans there, apart from her beauty.

As we know, Celia has many people who do not agree with her career and who judged her quite hard on social networks, describing her as not having talent and only knowing how to show her figure, however, with all this hard work and much more. has proven otherwise.

For example, in her Instagram stories she has dedicated herself to helping different businesses to advertise their products, something that is a beautiful gesture on her part and that has really worked a lot for those people she helped apart from having received some gifts from them. .

What a way to support people and to use numbers for a common good, something that is respected and admired by the beautiful Celia Lora, who more than an influencer has become a celebrity who has shown to care about people.

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