Celeste: confirmed that the main character is trans


After several fan speculations on the subject, especially after the last DLC, Celeste’s creator Maddy Thorson confirmed through her personal blog that the protagonist Madeline is canonically transgender.

At the Farewell DLC, you could find rainbow flags, a show of support for the LGBTQI community + fan of the game. However, at no time had the character been presented as transgender, until now.

“It also became painfully obvious to me that I am trans myself. But these are things I was not aware of during Celeste’s development, ”explains Maddy, who was born as Matt. She also comments that it was only during Farewell’s development that the team “had a hunch”, but “now they know that we are both [trans]”.

Maddy further notes that “Celeste’s community has wanted clarification about Madeline’s identity for a long time,” but she needed to understand the confusing realities of her gender identity and assume it, which “needed some time before she could speak openly about that.”

In her publication on Medium, Maddy also comments on how “trans people should not be forced to identify themselves publicly in a world that may be hostile to them” and gives details of how the DLC talks about the topic. If you want, you can read the full publication of the creator here.

Celeste is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


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