Celebrity sends flowers to Cardi B after divorce from Offset


Rapper Cardi B has been excited to receive this week a bouquet of flowers from her colleague Lizzo, who had a very clear intention: to try to lift her spirits after coming to light that she has started the procedures to divorce her husband Offset.

This beautiful detail was accompanied by a note that read: “Flowers for another flower! Congratulations on all the success you’ve had this summer. Do not forget that we love you and that you are a love. This week I will send you something very good. With love, Lizzo “.

Cardi wanted to publicly thank you for finding time to get in touch with her and try to distract her a bit with whatever surprise you have prepared for her.

“Don’t you think Lizzo is the sweetest person in the world? Look what he just sent me! She is a wonderful person, and I love her a lot, “he said.

The truth is that this week is proving very complicated for the artist: the uproar already caused by the news that she had filed for divorce has been joined by rumors that Offset would be expecting a child with another woman and the controversy over the Cardi’s initial request to be granted primary custody of the only daughter they have in common.

This last point has now been solved by her legal representatives, who have changed the documents they presented at first in court to make it clear that she seeks to share custody of the little Kulture with Offset, thus implying that she does not seek to complicate the legal process more than is strictly necessary.

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