Celebrities who named their favorite pets after other stars: Alexandra Daddario, Lucy Hale and others


What’s in the name? While it can be difficult to choose the perfect nickname for a companion animal, many stars have found inspiration in the names of other celebrities.

“I have a fish named Kieran Culkin,” Alexandra Daddario told E! News during an interview on the red carpet of the Screen Actors Guild Award ceremony in February 2022 with reference to the “Legacy” star. “So I’m really excited to see Kieran Culkin [tonight] and maybe tell him about it.”

Daddario, who is also a proud dog mom for the puppy Levon, has been openly talking about her love for animals for many years.

“My dog actually makes me more active. We love to walk and explore different routes in Los Angeles. He’s honestly the coolest dog in the world,” the Layover star previously told Muscle & Fitness in August 2018.

The graduate of the “White Lotus” is not the only famous star who draws inspiration from the names of celebrities. Mario Lopez, wife Courtney Mazza and their three children welcomed a French bulldog in March 2020, choosing a tribute to the sporting name.

“The Lopez family continues to grow! We want to introduce our new family member… Oscar Delahoy Lopez,” the Saved by the Bell graduate wrote on Instagram at the time.

Lopez noted in the clip that he always calls his “dogs” in honor of great fighters. The other bulldogs in the family are Julio Cesar Chavez Lopez and Juanita Manuela Marquez Lopez.

“Please welcome the new member of the Lopez family… Juanita Manuela Marquez Lopez!” She turns out to be Julio’s cousin,” the Access Hollywood co—host previously captioned an Instagram photo taken in August 2015. “And yes, I continue my tradition of naming my dogs after the great Mexican fighters. Children get Italian names, and dogs get Spanish names. Keep our cultures alive.”

The California native revealed during the March 2020 edition of an entertainment news show that De La Hoya, for his part, is flattered by the dog’s name.

“He loves it! I told him I was going to do it and he burst out laughing because he knows [what I’ve always called my dogs,” Mario added. “So he likes that I finally [named the dog after him]. He’s actually honored—and Oscar is a dog anyway, so it’s perfect!”

Jennifer Lawrence, who gave birth to her first child with husband Cook Maroney in February 2022, previously adopted a cat, giving her a famous nickname.

“Her official name is Cleo, but we call her Chaz Bono because I’ve never met a cat who… has such masculine energy that everyone always says ‘him,'” the Hunger Games star said during an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show in November 2012. . “I got her like a kitten.”

Scroll below to find out which stars have named their precious pets after other famous personalities:

Alexandra Daddario and Kieran Culkin

The actress from “Rescuers of Malibu” named her pet fish after a native of New York.

Lucy Hale and Elvis Presley

The star of the TV series “Cute Liars” chose the nickname Elvis for her beloved dog.

Jennifer Garner and Martha Stewart

“When I was an aspiring young actress and I had auditions in the morning, I would come back, cook myself lunch and watch her first cooking show. Even before she had a talk show or something like that, and it was just in the kitchen with Martha,” Garner said during an episode of “The Dr. Oz Show” in April 2019. “She knew that if I called her Martha Stewart, she’d better get off the couch. …She was the best gorgeous dog in the world, and she and Martha Stewart, a real person, liked that there were dogs in the world named after her. So she was always very nice and very friendly with Martha Stewart, the dog.”

Reese Witherspoon and Hank Williams

The founder of Hello Sunshine named her chocolate lab after the village singer.

Hugh Jackman and Salvador Dali

The Broadway veteran named one of his dogs after the famous artist.

Jennifer Aniston and Lord Chesterfield

” 👋🏼 Hello! I want to introduce you to a new member of our family…. This is (very tired) Lord Chesterfield ❤️ ,” the Friends alumni wrote on Instagram in October 2020, revealing the dog’s regal nickname inspired by the 18th—century politician. “He immediately stole my heart. THANK you SO much @wagmorpets for the incredible work you are doing. I am grateful to you for taking such care of these rescued people and finding them at home forever.”

Miley Cyrus and Kate Moss

The Hannah Montana graduate adopted a puppy named after the supermodel in August 2020.

Mario Lopez and Oscar De La Hoya

The actor of “Holiday in Handcuffs” has a tradition of naming his pets after Mexican fighters.

Oscar Isaac and Moby

The “Moon Knight” star drew inspiration from the legendary pop singer when it came to calling his pet a terrier.

Jennifer Lawrence and Chaz Bono

The Oscar winner’s feline nature earned her a nickname inspired by Cher’s son.