Celebrities strangest passions you may not know


Thanks to TV and other entertainment tools we have learned to know famous people and to love their character, on and off the small and big screen. With the arrival of social networks, however, we have learned to know them even in private life, discovering many things that we could never have imagined before, such as passions. Some are truly bizarre. Let’s find out together.

Paris Hilton and the passion for… frogs!

Would you have ever thought that a rich heiress could have a passion for frogs? Probably not, but that’s right. The beautiful Paris Hilton is crazy about hunting frogs, as confirmed firsthand. “I love hunting frogs. I practice it in my ranches. I have one near Oakland, California, and another in Nevada. I catch the frogs and put them in a sack. But then I let them go ». Equally bizarre is Johnny Depp’s fixation on Barbie and pigeon skeletons. The star just keeps the carcasses of the birds on display in the living room, while he plays with the dolls: «I like it so much. It’s the funniest thing to do with your children ”.

Is Mila Kunis a nerd?

The actress and voice actress has an immense passion for World of Warcraft a well-known video game famous all over the world. The Oscar winner Tom Hanks, on the other hand, is a collector of typewriters and often posts photos of his collection on social networks.



Passion for jewelry for Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom has an innate passion for jewelry and watches. Rolex and IWC are his favorite brands, but in 2009 the actor was among the victims of the well-known gang called “Bling Ring”, made up of bored rich teenagers, who robbed about 50 celebrity homes, taking away valuables for several thousand dollars, including the watches collected by the former protagonist of The Lord of the Rings.

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Bradley Cooper

The beautiful Bradley Cooper, on the other hand, spends time in the kitchen as soon as he can making pasta at home, a family tradition, transmitted by his grandmother Assunta, of Abruzzo origins.


After the recent statements about her “chastity” (it seems that she has little sex because she is terrified of germs) Jennifer Lawrence looks more and more like a nineteenth-century lady and less and less like the wild heroine we met with the Hunger Games: it seems in fact that the favorite pastimes with most relaxing are painting and knitting!


Vip and card games

Many VIPs are fond of card games such as those found in aams online casinos. Ben Affleck, holder of two Oscars, was a huge fan of blackjack. It is said that he won (it is not known with what investment) the modest sum of $ 400,000, which was then all donated to charity. He has always denied it, but it seems that in 2014 he was expelled from the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas for cheating during card counting.


George Clooney in addition to having been a director and an entrepreneur, he has also been a bettor. But he has become smarter than everyone and has combined a passion for gaming with business. How? Deciding to build, as co-founder, the de Las Ramblas in Las Vegas.


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