Celebrities In The List Of The 50 Most Influential Persons


The list of the 50 most influential people for the four major fashion weeks — Paris, New York, London and Milan – stunned K—netizens as the Instagram of the leading ambassadors of Korean brands dominated the scene.

According to the list of ratings of influential people, the top three included Jitsu and Rose from BLACKPINK, who took 1st and 3rd places, respectively.

Actor Lee Min Ho also took 5th place, Jenny took 6th place, and Cha Eun Woo from ASTRO — 9th. Among the BTS participants, Jay-Hope took 13th place. Solo artist IU took 17th place, and Jaehyun from NCT 127 took 21st place, which is the highest score among all NCT participants.

From TWICE, Sana took the 22nd place, and TWICE themselves as a group took the 24th place. Geno from NCT Dream took 25th place, and Sandara Pak – 35th. Cheyeon from TWICE also took 37th place, and Song Kang — 39th. Among the influencers after 39th place, Wonen from IVE took 40th place, Sohi took 42nd place, and Seulgi from Red Velvet — 47th.


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