Celebrities consider the mansion “Island of temptations VIP” rancid!


Will the awarded women on Temptation Island V.I.P. have acted unfairly? The first episode of this year’s season was released on October 4. After the star couples arrived at the luxurious men’s mansion, they were separated – then the seducers took the women to their chambers. But it was a little more rustic than a gentleman’s dwelling. The girls were not thrilled!

When Christina Demetriou (30), Lola Aluas, Michel Danio and Sandra Sikora (30) looked at their villa, disappointment was written on their faces. “It was something completely different from what we saw in men,” Lala—Kristina said, however, she found something clearer words. “What kind of a hole is this?” the influencer was indignant and immediately added: “It’s a shame!”

The former #CoupleChallenge candidate also seems to have suffered particularly badly: “My room is the smallest, so they could give me a bathroom to sleep in,” the 30-year-old joked.


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