How to celebrate Valentine’s Day from a distance


With the social distance caused by the coronavirus pandemic, buying a Valentine’s Day gift has become an even more special gesture. After all, for couples who do not live together and are quarantining, dating has become a long-distance relationship, which makes each attitude more important.

This is the time to unleash creativity. Analyze the resources you have to innovate in a creative gift even from a distance. We know that it is not the same thing to be close to the person, but the symbolism of the gesture warms the heart, don’t you think? To help you find what to give on Valentine’s Day, we have created a list with ideas for you to give your love in an unforgettable way.

Buy a gift online

Make a purchase on a website, choose the gift wrap option (which many provide) and put your love’s address for delivery. The advantage of shopping over the Internet is that you can choose a Valentine’s Day gift different from what you would find in stores in your city.

How about a mug of your favorite movie? Or a T-shirt with an exclusive print from a certain website? You can also search sites like Aliexpress to find a souvenir that is really unique.

Send a special dinner

The date is important not only for the Valentine’s Day gift, but for that special little dinner. You can’t go to your favorite restaurant, but the food can reach your home. Keep an eye out for promotions that may arise in delivery applications.

A tip to save: many restaurants offer their own delivery apps with special discounts. How about looking for the places you like the most and start choosing which dish will be? Do not forget to place your order in advance as demand is likely to be high.

Prepare a playlist of the couple

Buying Valentine’s Day gifts is good, but a special gesture also evokes many feelings. Make a playlist of the songs that marked your dating and share with your love while you receive the gifts.

Some music streams offer the option for you to listen to the playlist right away. You will have to put the memory to work to remember the songs that played on the trips, concerts or in the places that you frequented together.

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Make a video statement

Before thinking about what to buy on Valentine’s Day, how about thinking what would really make the other person happy? The special date may come with a gift and love declaration combo.

The idea is to make an exciting video that you can prepare before and upload on the right day. The advantage is that you can think a lot about what you are going to say, repeat if necessary and do everything to make it perfect. You can even use some editing applications to include photos or music in the background.

Make a remote movie session

I miss that movie, right? It won’t be the same, of course, but you can agree to see a movie at the same time, how about that? Prepare a bucket of popcorn, turn off the lights and choose the best position on the sofa to have the same experience as the one you love so much.

After the session, you can discuss what you think of the feature. The cinema session can complement the Valentine’s Day gift or the surprise at a distance.

Ask for help for those who live with the person

If your love lives with family or friends, you can have extra help on that special day. You can order a special decoration and gift to be delivered by hand. Then she can prepare everything and even put you (by cell phone or notebook) to have this “live” meeting with your love.

Most of the tips above can be complemented with a video call on Zoom, Hangouts, Facetime or whatever app you like best. More important than worrying about the Valentine’s Day gift is to do everything with feeling and meaning. It may not be the celebration you dreamed of, but health is the best gift.

Will you do something special for your love in the quarantine? Comment here.

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