Celebrate Super Junior’s Yesung’s birthday


Today is Super Junior’s Yesung’s birthday, celebrate this special date by knowing a little more about the idol.

Kim Jong Woon was born on August 24, 1984 in the city of Cheonan, in Chungcheong, South Korea, his zodiac sign is Virgo and his Chinese calendar animal is rat, he is the eldest of the brothers in his family and from a very young age he showed his love for singing.

Yesung’s artistic career began with local singing competitions, the artist always winning the first places, which caused people to recognize him for his acting talents.

His mother, seeing all the potential of Yesung, in 2001 was the one who enrolled him in ‘Starlight Casting System’, a test of the company S.M. Entertainment who was looking for future stars to be able to debut their next groups, so the ‘Pink Magic’ singer joined the company as a trainee. Despite being a trainee at S.M, he continued to receive offers from other companies to sign with them, even from his own company.

Jong Woon was chosen to be part of the group Super Junior, his position is that of vocalist and dancer, since his debut the boys astonished the public with their concept and talents on stage, now they are one of the most legendary and successful groups within the world. K-pop, a clear benchmark of success.

Yesung’s career is very broad, since he has participated as the voice of several tracks of the SM The Ballad project, in 2016 he debuted as a solo artist with the mini album ‘Here I Am’, being recognized around the world for his Emotional style that reflects your personality.

To celebrate the birthday of the Super Junior member, ELF is expressing its love, affection and support for the idol, in different social networks the fandom is posting messages with the hashtag #HappyYesungDay.

Super Junior K.R.Y gave a concert at ‘Beyond LIVE’ yesterday, as special guests Eunhyuk and Donghae appeared singing a little for Yesung. His groupmates couldn’t leave behind the opportunity to give Kim Jong Woon very special gifts, photos were posted of Yesung celebrating one more year of life with his subunit colleagues Kyuhyun and Ryeowook.

Ryeowook posted a cover of the song ‘My Dear’ to celebrate his friend’s birthday.


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