Celebrate Super Junior’s Ryeowook’s birthday and learn his story


Celebrate Super Junior’s Ryeowook’s birthday and learn his story. He is one of the main singers of the group and today celebrates 33 years.

Super Junior is anticipating his return in the coming months to celebrate his 15th anniversary, but before that day arrives, ELF is celebrating Ryeowook’s birthday.

The singer belongs to 3 of the subunits of the group and is part of the vocal line, the idol thanked the love of his fans through his group chat during this special day, we will tell you the details.

Super Junior’s Ryeowook is turning 33, 34 in Korean age. The idol is known for his lovable and lovable personality, as well as his high range on high notes, demonstrating his great talent as a singer.

Through social media, ELF created the hashtag #HAPPYRYEOWOOKDay to send their messages of congratulations and support on their birthday. They have also shared various favorite photos and videos of Ryeowook, whose fans are known as “Ryeosomnias”.

His K-pop story started just a couple of months before the group debuted, in reality, his time as a trainee was very short, showing that he only needed his great vocal talent to debut, since then, he is recognized as a of the best voices in the group and in the industry.

He has also been featured as a musical actor, OST, and host of the Kiss The Radio program, known as Sukira. He is also distinguished for being one of the best chefs within Super Junior.

The idol also has solo work with his albums ‘The Little Prince’ and “Drunk Love” . ELF celebrates him by praising his talent and personality, also with various projects consisting of advertisements on stations in South Korea.


Recently, Ryeowook, together with his colleagues Yesung and Kyuhyun, released their first album “When we were us”, after 14 years of debut, they released their first album, which has already exceeded 100,000 copies, surpassing other subunits of the group.


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