Celebrate Seungmin’s birthday, learn his story


Stray Kids’ Seungmin receives all of Stay’s love on this special day to celebrate his 20th birthday (21st in Korean age).

In South Korea it is already September 22, so the fandom of the JYP group is celebrating the idol, who despite being so young has managed to succeed alongside his peers. Seungmin is a boy whose fate led him to become a K-pop star and there is no better way to celebrate his birthday than with his new comeback promotions with “Back Door”.

Seungmin was born in the city of Seoul on September 22, 2000. His family consists of his parents and an older sister. His dreams in life encompassed being a baseball player, prosecutor, or photographer, but his taste in music led him to debut in a K-pop group. The idol’s story began after he participated in JYP’s auditions.

In 2016 he presented himself to show his skills and although he came in second place, he was admitted to the entertainment agency and began his trainee period, in 2017 he had to face various tests in the survival reality of Stray Kids to earn a definitive place within of the group and although he was eliminated, with his talent he got a second chance.

Since then, Seungmin has proven to be a great songwriter, helping to create some of the K-pop group’s lyrics, as well as performing the position of singer and dancer. Another facet of the idol is being an MC for the After School program in 2018. His musical studies took place at the “M ACADEMY” school.

Among the curiosities of Seungmin are: his fan friend for Day6 and Shawn Mendes, his favorite color is purple and he lived for a while in Los Angeles, so he has a good command of the English language. Through social media, Stay celebrated Seungmin’s birthday with various messages of support.


Stray Kids also posted a special message on their official Twitter account, Seungmin shared an animated photo along with a letter to Stay. The hashtags #HappySeungminDay and #ShiningStarSeungmin became a trend to celebrate the idol.


Stray Kids recently released the MV for “EX,” a song with an emotional message about fighting sadness.


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