Celebrate NCT’s Taeyong’s birthday by learning his story


Celebrate NCT’s Taeyong’s birthday by learning his story. Taeyong is celebrating his special day with very emotional messages from his fans, we invite you to learn a little more about his career.

To celebrate the birthday of Taeyong we bring his story and the special way in which NCTzen is feasting on the idol .

Lee Taeyong was born on July 1, 1995 in Gwanak Gu, Seoul in South Korea, the idol is of the zodiac sign Cancer and his family is made up of his sister and parents, who have always supported him in his dreams.

Taeyong was recruited by SM Entertainment very close to his school, a company agent approached him to tell him that he had a lot of charisma and that he could do a punishment to enter as a trainee , but Taeyong did not know much about the world of K-pop and He thought he would make a presentation on one of the most important television stations in South Korea.

The idol entered the company as an apprentice in 2012 and Taeyong was part of the SMROOKIES project , being the first member to be officially announced, he and his colleagues offered some concerts to get closer to their audience.

For his multiple talents in dance , rap and singing, Taeyong debuted as a member of the first subunit of the group NCT called ‘ U ‘, featuring the song ‘ The 7th Sense’, the MV This track has more than 87 million copies of the YouTube platform.

Thanks to his amazing artistic abilities, Lee Taeyong belongs to various subunits of the NCT project and the SuperM group , which was formed by idols from SM Entertainment groups such as SHINee, EXO, and NCT.

Taeyong has spoken many times about the artists that inspire him to be a better idol for his fans, on different occasions he has named SHINee’s Jonghyun and TVXQ’s Yunho as great role models.

Fans of the idol from SM Entertainment created the hashtags #OurRoseTaeyongDay and #HAPPYTAEYONGDAY to commemorate this important date for the rapper of ‘Super Car’, netizens posted their best wishes and loving messages for Taeyong for his birthday .

Some time ago idol fans celebrated their anniversary as a member of the NCT group, NCTzen expressed their happiness and pride for Lee Taeyong’s successful career on all social media.



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