Celebrate J-Hope Day, a special day for BTS idol


Celebrate J-Hope Day in honor of BTS’s idol. A few years ago, Suga released him first mixtape as “Agust D”; However, something peculiar happened the morning of its release so ARMY has 2 things to celebrate on the same day, besides him birthday and anniversary date, J-Hope has its own celebration.

On August 16, 2016, Suga woke up and the excitement of releasing his first solo album made him scream J-Hope’s name as soon as he opened his eyes, since then, it is considered J-Hope Day, something that he proves once plus the union between the so-called SOPE.

In social networks, some ARMY have shared videos, photos and messages of affection for the idol, who is characterized by being the most affectionate of the group and literally giving hope to the fans, not only because of his nickname, but because of his way of being.

The date is even listed on what could be BTS’s seasons Greetings calendar, so no fans will forget it. For his part, J-Hope released his own mixtape on March 2, 2018, titled “Hope“ World ”, shortly after he revealed the MV for“ Chicken Noodle Soup ”, alongside Becky G, a song that gave him several achievements.

The idol is also known for his way of dancing, proving that his talent is unique. Among the curiosities of J-Hope is his skin care routine, he is someone who takes great care of his skin, he even wears masks on every trip.


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