Celebrate DAY6 Dowoon’s birthday with his story


DAY6’s drummer is celebrating his birthday, learning all about Dowoon and how he became an idol. K-Pop idols’ birthdays always give us a chance to show them all the love and admiration we feel for them, Yoon Dowoon is turning 24 today and MyDay has filled him with affectionate messages congratulating him and acknowledging his talent.

DAY6’s songs let you know his talent, now is your chance to learn about the history of this musician.

Yoon Dowoon was born in Busan, South Korea on August 25, 1995. He is the drummer and maknae of the JYP Entertainment band DAY6, so he debuted alongside his bandmates on September 7, 2015. Dowoon was also christened. with a Catholic name and his christening name is Paul.

His story as an idol is very peculiar, as he was the missing piece that DAY6 had been waiting for. Several members of the group had trained together for a long time while they defined what kind of project they should participate in for their debut, however, due to their musical abilities, they decided to create a band.

Dowoon joined the group after becoming a JYP Entertainment trainee, but this idol is so talented that he only had to train for 4 months before debuting.

Dowoon perfectly suited his teammates and DAY6’s style, all thanks to his drumming skills.

Although he is the only DAY6 member who does not specialize in singing, Dowoon has shown his interest in improving in this area and thus making his fans happy. To achieve this, his bandmates have been a great help and Dowoon has gradually gained some lines in the songs.

Dowoon’s charisma is not far behind, although to many he might appear to be quiet and shy, the idol’s funny personality shows when he is surrounded by his peers.

On such a special day as today, we congratulate Dowoon on his birthday. You can also send your best wishes through social networks.

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