Cecile’s Powers Could Make a Controversial Change


The first trailer for The Flash season 7 featured a power upgrade for empathetic lawyer Cecile Horton. This was apparently due to a villain, The Top, who appears to have changed his own powers after the Arrowverse event.

Cecile’s powers have been a subject of controversy for some fans of The Flash. Some have complained that Cecile’s powers are used as deus ex machine and the use of them is largely dependent on the demands of the episode.

Cecile used her empathy during season 5 of The Flash to act as an early warning system to track down the villain Cicada, whose intense hatred of metahumans she could sense from several blocks away.

However, during season 6 of The Flash, Cecile’s powers completely failed to detect anything wrong regarding Iris West-Allen’s Mirrorverse duplicate.

The first trailer for The Flash season 7 seems to address this issue, and it is suggested that the inconsistencies in Cecile’s powers and power levels are due to her holding back.

This theory is implicit in a blonde woman in the trailer for The Flash, who is not identified by her name, but is known as The Top. She tells Cecile to imagine what she would become if she weren’t so scared.

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