CD Projekt Reiterates Its Commitment to Improving Cyberpunk 2077


CD Projekt released its first quarter 2021 financial results this week, but also took the opportunity to reiterate its commitment to improving the Cyberpunk 2077 game, which caused so much controversy at its launch last year. The company made a point of presenting some graphics that show its continuous work in the game.

In the chart below, for example, we can get a better sense of how many patches and updates have been made available to fix bugs or improve existing mechanics in Cyberpunk 2077. Also, there is a special space reserved for future updates and free DLCs that CD Projekt promised to launch in 2022.

The second graph, on the other hand, shows the improvement of the title’s stability based on the number of times it closed alone or had a serious problem on its players’ platforms. As you can see, the performance improved a lot after Hotfix 1.1 and continued to improve in the next updates.

You can see that there are certain peaks after the release of each Hotfix, but the game becomes stable again soon after. If we were to compare the number of crashes between January and May this year, it can really be said that there was a good improvement, but of course there are still issues that need to be resolved.

If you’re curious to know all the details about the company’s financial results earlier this year and what it promises to bring to Cyberpunk 2077, you can watch the full video of this announcement above. Just know that the spoken language is Polish and there are only English subtitles.

And you, do you think CD Projekt really seems firm in improving the game that was both its biggest success and its biggest controversy to date? Comment below!