CD Projekt RED drops tweets sharing company codes


CD Projekt RED, the developer of Cyberpunk 2077, has been hacked and is now scouring the internet to prevent data from being spread around. The information comes from Vice, which reported how users who share links to game codes are having their tweets dropped.

To be able to map illegal data sharing, CDPR is using a company specializing in intellectual property protection, App Global. The email these users are receiving is based on the DMCA, part of US law that holds not only those who steal the data, but also those who share it.

One of the tweets shared a torrent with Gwent files. The user made the sharing already aware of the illegal practice and without being surprised by the fact that it went off the air, as explained by Vice. Dropped Tweets are being replaced by the message “this publication was withheld in response to a report by the copyright holder.”

Everything indicates, so far, that the CD Projekt RED data, including codes for The Witcher III, Gwent and Cyberpunk 2077 games, have even been stolen. The criminals reportedly shared a preview of the data on the “Exploit” forum to demonstrate the veracity of the files and then auctioned everything off for the initial $ 1 million bid. The sale, as we got to report here, may have been made for US $ 7 million and with the condition of having a single buyer.

It is worth remembering that, among these files hijacked with ransonware, criminals guaranteed to have possession of sensitive information that could seriously denigrate CDPR’s image before investors.

According to Vice, one of the hackers was trying to sell other unpublished information and when asked about the possibility of an interview he replied that he would charge $ 250 per question.

It is not yet clear how much this leak affects the studio. But it is worth mentioning that Cyberpunk 2077, one of the games with leaked codes, still brings several bugs and glitches. While there is no statement on how much the hacker attack has affected the company, a fan base eagerly awaits fix updates for the game.


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