CD Projekt RED: Data Stolen in Ransomware Attack is Circulating


CD Projekt RED: Developer CD Projekt RED, from The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077 franchise, returned to comment on the hacker attack suffered by the company in February this year.

According to the statement, some of the internal data obtained illegally in the invasion “is currently circulating on the internet”, but without confirmed authenticity.

The exact content of the files has not been confirmed so far and manipulations may have occurred, but the package may involve information about employees and contracts with other companies, as well as codes related to games and projects.

The case is under investigation by authorities in Poland, the company’s headquarters, and even Interpol. In addition, CD Projekt RED guarantees that it has improved internal security in all instances to prevent new intrusion cases.

Invasions on the rise

The attack in February was ransomware that, among other serious consequences, led to one of the Cyberpunk 20777 postponements and a brand campaign to try to reduce the spread of this information.

It’s worth remembering that another developer, EA, was recently the victim of another cybercrime that involved data theft.


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