CD Projekt candidate to buy after the stock market debacle


A new report from the consulting firm DFC Intelligence warns of how attractive it can now be for large capitals to take over the Polish company.

CD Projekt RED’s steep stock market crash since the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 last December poses a scenario of uncertainty for the company, whose purchase by large fortunes would now be much cheaper and more profitable than ever. The market analysis firm DFC Intelligence has evaluated the fluctuation of the Polish company’s stock market value since last December and concludes by making it clear that anything can happen in the future, since this movement could benefit both parties.

CD Projekt RED: 50% drop in the stock market in just one month

According to the agency, Cyberpunk 2077’s troubles have resulted in a 50% drop in value in December alone. In fact, if we look at the closing of this last day in Business Insider, (CD PROJEKT RED SA, until last January 15, 2021), each share of CD Projekt RED is estimated at 56.69 dollars, far from the $ 99.80 it reached at the highest point on December 4, on the eve of the title’s premiere on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

DFC Intelligence wonders if CD Projekt will manage to recover from such a situation on its own, with a compromised reputation and investor confidence in the air. “This is unacceptable for a company launching a flagship, a defining product, onto the market. A larger public company could have avoided this with public relations and marketing ”, they argue, but they also point out that the scale of CD Projekt is not as large as other large European capitals, which highlights the possible need to be bought by a firm even higher if the situation does not improve. “The company now becomes one to consider as a candidate for purchase.”

However, in 2020 we learned that CD Projekt had surpassed Ubisoft as the most capitalized video game company in Europe.


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