CCleaner is on the blacklist! Warning for Windows!


When it comes to Windows optimization, it is known by everyone that one of the first applications that come to mind for years is CCleaner. CCleaner, which has emerged recently, has put the end to the unsafe claims of Microsoft and added it to the list of unwanted applications for Windows 10. Lack of detailed explanation as to why Microsoft made this decision caused controversy in the forums.

CCleaner is blacklisted by Windows Defender!

CCleaner is basically a program that allows you to optimize your system by controlling cookies, cached files, downloaded folders, registry and many more items in browsers.

Thanks to this program, it is possible to get rid of unnecessary files. Windows Defender Antivirus, however, surprisingly marked the program in the list of unwanted applications.

Windows Defender is currently listing CCleaner as a low profile in the list of unwanted programs. This means that the program is not perceived as a threat to the system and that users can run it on computers with Windows operating system if they wish.

A statement confirming the incident came from the CCleaner front. In the statement made on the company’s official Twitter page, it was stated that they were in contact with Microsoft to resolve the event as soon as possible.

Those who are faced with the CCleaner barrier and want to continue using it can allow the application by following Windows Security> Virus and threat protection> Threat history.

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