CBLoL 2020: INTZ wins KaBuM and division 2


INTZ secured its place in the final of the Brazilian League of Legends Championship (CBLoL) 2020. The Intrepids beat KaBuM this Sunday (23) by 3-2 in the aggregate and will now face paiN Gaming for the title of the second split. The organization, therefore, will have the opportunity to win its fifth championship title in history. Check out the best moments of the series below.

The Intrepids surprised in the picks and bans in the first game, when they decided to go to the field with a full AD composition. The strategy of three snipers worked and the team started in front, mainly after making a hidden Baron on 23 minutes. The buff pushed all the routes, KaBuM lost two inhibitors and then it was just to manage the rotations to seal the victory. Bruno ” Envy ” (Lucian) was elected MVP of the duel with three kills, three assists and no deaths.

In the sequence, the Ninjas recovered, won the second match and tied the aggregate. The current CBLoL champions were behind the gold score most of the time, but managed to strengthen themselves in the growth of Igor ” DudsTheBoy ” (Aphelios), who accumulated resources and was practically unbeatable. Duly protected by his teammates, the sniper decimated one by one and ended the confrontation with eight eliminations.

In the third game, KaBuM performed a consistent early game and achieved an exorbitant advantage: ten thousand gold and eight kills of advantage over INTZ, in addition to Felipe ” Yang ” extremely strong on the upper route. The Intrepids, however, managed to make a surprising turn. Commanded by the experienced Micael ” micaO ” (Ziggs), author of six kills, the players won teamfights, cornered the Ninjas and scored 2-1 on the overall score.

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The fourth match was balanced and exciting from start to finish. This time, who accumulated resources first was INTZ, who was getting the better of the fights thanks to Bruno ” Envy ” (Tristana). KaBuM did not take any chances, it was patient and managed to make better use of its victory conditions, mainly by abusing the strength of its porters. The duel lasted up to 45 incredible minutes, but it was the Ninjas who won.

The decision was for the fifth and final game – and INTZ proved to be the most concentrated team to reach the grand final. With great performance from the support Ygor ” RedBert ” (Nautilus), owner of 16 assists, the Intrepids conquered all the Dragons, made a clean start and enshrined the triumph with 30 minutes on the clock.

The CBLoL 2020 decision is scheduled for September 5 (Saturday). INTZ and paiN Gaming will face each other in an MD5 for the title of champion of the second split. The winner also gets a spot in the entry phase of the World 2020.


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