Causing the world created by Wanda to change color


It is almost confirmed that WandaVision is based on the famous and devastating comic book “House of M”, creating an alternate reality for Wanda’s grief of losing her children.

On the Disney + show WandaVision, incorporating Wanda himself and Vision into various sitcom-like realities seems like a way to avoid dealing with Vision’s death.

Wanda and Vision share a sweet moment to celebrate their sudden pregnancy when they hear a loud noise outside. Wanda specifically says “No” to anyone at WandaVision and time is suddenly rewound.

Superficially, this marks the beginning of WandaVision’s much touted time warp between period comedy series. It basically indicates something tragic.

The beekeeper at the end of WandaVision shows that Wanda feels happy and safe in the illusion. This man is part of the real world that paved his way and he accepts it. However, Wanda would rather live in a false reality with Vision than in the real world without him.

Wanda does not want to leave the illusion and hides his surroundings when he feels threatened, preferring to live in a false reality with Vision rather than being in the world without him. So he decides to move on to the next era of WandaVision sitcoms to try and save.

Those who want to eliminate him may have good motives, but Wanda reads anyone who tries to take him out of a world with his lost love as a threat at WandaVision.

The newly introduced world of color acts as a protection curtain for Vision and itself. Wanda can only change his environment for so long, until the real world finally catches him at WandaVision.


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