Causes problems for Crash Bandicoot 4 users on PC


Released this week on, the Toys for Bob game has suffered disconnect closures even though it doesn’t even have online multiplayer.

PC users who are fond of platform games are half in luck. After several months of waiting (it premiered in October last year on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), on March 26 Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time finally arrived on computers from Activision Blizzard, which has made it for sale on However, it has been a bittersweet premiere, as many have discovered the hard way that the game only works if we are connected to the Blizzard servers. Something literally impossible in some moments of the weekend, when said servers were down.

No online multiplayer

While the permanent connection is common on, its presence in Chash Bandicoot 4 has reopened a debate about this practice in forums and social networks, where many players have shown their dissatisfaction with Activision. Although the game created by Toys for Bob does have multiplayer, this is limited to local mode, so the connection does not contribute anything —but it does subtract in the event of a malfunction— to users. Some have even reported loss of progress, as the errors did not occur only at startup, but in the middle of games.

Beyond these present annoyances, dependence on online also raises uncertainties in the long run, in case one day the drops become permanent closures. The production company has covered its back with a message in the store that reads “Activision does not guarantee the availability of online functions and can modify or interrupt them if it considers it appropriate and without prior notice”, although naturally it is not an explanation that convinces so much the consumers.

On the other hand, although this measure was aimed at preventing piracy, its effectiveness in this field has also left something to be desired, since just one day after its release it was reported that it had been raffled. So today it only affects legitimate buyers and leaves the PC version with a flaw that console users do not have to deal with (including Switch, which also just received its own port in the middle of this month). .


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