Cauldrons In Horizon Forbidden West: Where To Find Them And How To Complete Them


Horizon Forbidden West: We help you find all the Cauldrons available in Horizon Forbidden West in addition to telling you the method to reach the core and complete them. In Horizon Forbidden West we will find various cauldrons that we can explore and dominate in order to increase the number of machines to sabotage and thus fight for us or use them as a mount. We will find up to six different ones, two of which are related to the main story. Since completing them can be somewhat complex, below and as part of this complete guide we will tell you step by step what you have to do to find and reach the core of all the Cauldrons.

All Cauldrons in Horizon Forbidden West

For starters, the TAU and GEMINI cauldrons are automatically filled as part of the story. Even so, they are somewhat convoluted and have stage puzzles inside them, so in each corresponding chapter we tell you how to overcome them step by step.

TAU Cauldron

Completed during the Dying Lands main quest

GEMINI Cauldron

Completed during the Gemini main quest

MU Cauldron

Where to find it on the map?