Caught Flu and COVID-19 Increases Risk of Death


Scientists from Liverpool University found a factor that increased the risk of COVID-19 death by 6 times as a result of their studies. According to the research, catching the flu and coronavirus one after the other increases the risk of death 6 times.

An effective vaccine or drug that can be used by large masses has not been developed against the coronavirus, which infects approximately 40 million people worldwide and causes more than 1.1 million deaths.

However, as a result of the researches of scientists on the virus, the virus and the effects of the virus are better understood every day. In a new study, a new factor that increases the risk of COVID-19 death by 6 times was discovered.

According to a study by scientists at Liverpool University, catching the flu and coronavirus one after the other increases the risk of death by 6 times. Researchers conducted an experiment on mice as part of this study. In the experiment, only coronavirus was infected in the first group of mice, and the second group of mice was infected with flu and coronavirus consecutively.

As a result of the study, it was observed that the group who caught flu and coronavirus consecutively had more severe disease. Professor James Stewart, one of the names that carried out the study, said, “Although the flu-infected mice were injected with coronavirus with reduced replication, an increased inflammatory response was observed in this group. This is the main reason people have severe COVID-19.”

Another thing observed within the scope of the experiment was the mortality rate. The mortality rate of mice in the group infected with both the flu and coronavirus was 6 times higher than the first group. According to experts, the reason for this is that several pathogens are circulating in the body at the same time. The reason for this is competition between them and their negative effect on the body increases.

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