Caught! Floretino telling Ramos: “Sergio, get ready, Neymar is coming”


Well, in the end it will be at the Bernabeu where Neymar Junior plays. So much to defoliate the daisy that finally the flower ran out of leaves. That happened to Neymar this past summer when the thing was between blaugranas and whites to end up staying in his gold prison, Paris.

And in that jail, where the player did not want to be but that once there does not look so weird, has returned to play after his injury to Brazil on 13 October. He did it as a starter and despite not making a good game if it served to catch rhythm and sensations, which are something that every player who comes out of injury needs to be able to return to their highest level, that which makes Ney one of The golden ball candidates. What happens is that between injuries, extra-sports issues such as rape accusations spilled this summer from Brazil and their affairs beyond sport, have caused him to be far from his maximum level for longer than desired.

After his comeback on Ligue 1 yesterday, Neymar is running as a serious candidate to play at the Bernabeo next Tuesday in the Champions League league game. The president of Real Madrid, who knows them all, has already warned his captain to expect that Neymar disputes the clash. If he does not finally do it, it will be great news, but if he does, that they have won by being all the white plate, especially the defenders, who will have him very close, mentalized.

What is not known is where Neymar will end up playing next year. At the moment he has rejected the PSG renewal offer so that in the summer of 2020 the player may end up leaving his private jail or, on the contrary, he may end up taking care of gold.


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